I took my first airplane ride when I was 5 years old with my father.  Since then I have been drawn by and devoted to things that fly and the gadgets that are needed to make them fly.

I attended the University of Dayton to become an electronics engineer.  I flew as a business pilot for several years accumulating 2,800 hours of flight time.  Of course it then follows that one of the things you do while flying is to take pictures of all the beautiful things you see.  So photography became my second pictures.love.

Ultimately, all of these elements came together to produce a radio controlled Hex Kopter that makes an ideal aerial photographic platform for taking photographs and it utilizes my experience as a pilot to get the machine where it needs to be to get the shot.  With this unique aircraft, we are able to get photographs that are difficult to get with any other type of flying device.


I simply used my love of flying, my knowledge of computers, my love of photography and electronic gadgets to build a unique, highly evolved, aerial platform that just takes great

It may be early in the morning, or just before the sunset — if the sky is right, Paul Gibbens wants to capture the scene. Nowadays, he has a roving eye for the way the clouds move, how round the full moon is, and anything that will capture your breath, through a photo. Enter: Gibbens Creative.

Paul's business is a way to highlight the scenes of the Erie region through his lens, and share them with others. He wasn't always a still photographer, but the Erie County native's passion for it has grown over the years. Paul started out in video and television in 1984 after first taking a TV and radio broadcasting class while attending McDowell Intermediate High School.

Paul says, "I have to give credit to my first instructor, James Strobel, and my first boss, the late Don Rowe. These men never gave up on me and have helped feed my creativity with honest and constructive advice. I don't know where my career would have gone without them!"

Paul says evolving technology has helped him re-discover his love of photography. "I strive to give the viewer a unique perspective of how I look at things." Most importantly, his commitment is evident in every single shot he takes, highlighting his love and passion of being a photographer.  

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